You can personalize your notifications in SpotAngels.

If you open the side menu and select Notifications, you have access to different settings to personalize your notifications.

Please note that customizing notifications is a SpotAngels Plus feature.

Why we introduced SpotAngels Plus

Choose when to be reminded

In this section your can select when you want to receive a parking notification. It's very useful for a street cleaning alert to receive it at 7:00 PM, the night before.

Receive SMS reminders

Enter your phone number to receive notifications 15' before you need to move your car

Mute notification at home and work

If you have a garage and your home or your work you don't want to be notify be receiving parking alert. You can enter your home and/or work address and you will not receive any notification when you park there.

Sync notifications with your calendar

Sometimes, you want to have your parking alert in your calendar. You can add by turning on the option Add reminders to my calendar. SpotAngels needs the permission access to your calendar to be able to add an event in it.