When you land on a non-covered area, you can start adding parking rules from the app.

Add a sign picture and earn 2 points (100 points = $1 credit that you can use to pay for garages or meters on the app).

Add a parking rule

  1. If you select a gray icon with a white circle inside, SpotAngels will will let you add parking rules there.


  1. Then, attach a picture, add all the information about the parking rules and press Done. The parking rules added will be live for all SpotAngels users.




Edit a parking rule

Select the spot you want to edit and open the spot sheet.

Click on "suggest an edit" and then start editing the rules!




Crowdsource open spots

When you see an open spot near you (often after you parked your car), you can contribute this information by selecting the spot on the map and marking it as open!


Add parking garage/lot

Long press and select "add a garage". Take a picture of the entrance and the rate and we will take care of the rest!

A question?

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